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Congratulations and Omedetou Gozaimasu Hawaiian Airlines!
July 13th, 2011

Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki here we go! Congratulations and Omedetou hana-hou to Hawaiian Airlines!

Nov. 17, 2011 marked a milestone for Hawaiian Airlines `ohana. That day marked the inaugural flight for Hawaiian Airlines to Japan, to Haneda Airport-their entry to Japan. It was truly a proud moment for the Hawaiian Air `ohana and for the rest of us as in attendance as well. Hawaiian Air then pushed into Korea via their Incheon flight and as of today, July 12th, Hawaiian Air started their daily service to Osaka!

Our sincerest thanks, and HUGE Mahalo to Blaine Miyasato, Hawaiian Airlines VP of Product Development, Nadine Mahiai & the Gals at Anthology, Aman @ Hawaiian Air for their kokua.. we got to cover Hawaiian’s inaugural flight to Kansai, and again, the energy in the air electric. Smiles everywhere from the Hawaiian staff and `ohana.. Hawaiian music with Kawika and the Hawaiian Airlines serenaders and dancers provided ono (oishii) mele and hula, cake and refreshments were served as well as traditional Japanese dance performed (to song Yappari Osaka). Cameras clicked away, leis were given and before you knew it, it was time to board.


We got a chance to speak to ‘the’ Chai from Chai’s Island Bistro..Again Chai and his staff was hard at work in preparation for this inaugural flight as well as handling catering for the rest of the Hawaiian Air fleet. It’s seldom that you can brag about the food on an airline, and trust me when I say-Hawaiian Airlines + Chai’s is a match made in heaven! Chai explained that they change the menu every six months. From first class to coach-the food is AWESOME (and, if you’re curious to try the exquisite meal served in First Class on Hawaiian, just head to Chai’s Island Bistro @ Aloha Tower-he serves the coarse there!)…


Hawaiian Airlines VP of Product Development and dear friend Blaine Miyasato was emcee for the Gate 34 reception. It’s incredible that 18+ months of work from Blaine and the rest of the Hawaiian Air team resulted in flights into Haneda,Tokyo/Japan, Incheon/Seoul, Korea and Osaka.. Nov. 2010, Jan. 2011 and now July 2011. I can’t imagine what it took in an 18 month window to be able to do all of this within a year’s time-congratulations!

Blaine, I’m hoping for a Moon Lunar flight by end of next year 😉

Next up, from the Hawai’i island-2011 multiple Nā Hōkū Hanohano award winner Mark Yamanaka will be performing in Osaka at the Hawaiian Airlines reception/event-always a pleasure chatting and hanging out with Mark. Also in attendance, Mike McCartney, President/CEO of the Hawai'i Tourism Authority.. Mike shared some statistics in regards to the cultural importance of this flight, and the economics of what this means for Hawai'i-the Osaka flight/bridge equates 128 million dollars to Hawaii in visitor spending-which helps the Japanese people in general and their travel sector in terms of their own recovery… in addition, up to 18 million in tax revenue. Hawaiian Airlines Korea, Haneda and Osaka flights total up to 350 million dollars in visitor spending and up to 38 million in state tax revenue.



More coverage from the inaugural flight coming soon..

Imua Hawaiian Airlines and がんばって!

13 Responses to “Congratulations and Omedetou Gozaimasu Hawaiian Airlines!”

  1. Kaori:

    congrats and Hawaiian Airlines is the best-will use for osaka flight too..

    mahalo pali-san!

  2. Johnny:


    Saw the coverage on the news-glad they're doing well! They always have the best service on flights-and I do agree-the food on their Japan flight is ono!

    have fun brah and stay cool-it must be sweltering over there now!

  3. Sanae:


  4. KRBlack:

    Oy! mean dokoga episode tonight-mean!

    Right on! I get choke family in Kansai!

  5. Nate:

    But their fares are ridiculously expensive!

  6. Yao:

    I Believe I can fly ♫ー♫ by Hawaiian From Nagoya!!

  7. Sherry:

    Congrats! as an ex-AlohaAir employee-very happy for the Hawaiian gang!

    Nate-san, not really.. if you book to Haneda, all the carriers are slightly higher (I work for Panda I should know). JAL uses lower rates but then tack on the fuel fee. After all things are considered, depending it comes out the same or $50 to $100 more. My husband likes the extra legroom and space.

    Yao-san, Nagoya is great!

  8. Kaipo:

    awesome-more flights to Kansai! Hawaiian Air no ka oi!

  9. Kehaulani:

    I remember during the days when Hawaiian was forced to use the tiny propeller-plane terminal! Aloha, Hawaiian (remember Mid Pacific and Mahalo!?!), then Go. Was sad when Aloha closed their doors-and really, that CEO guy, in my opinion, was the problem. In any case, it's nice to see Hawaiian continue to grow and grow!

    I'm so happy for Hawaiian Airlines in all their success. Did the Haneda one already-and was really great, looking forward to Osaka too.

    Pali, it must be really hot there now?

  10. Mike T:

    Saw the disaster stuff you guys did... unreal. You and your wife actually went to those places-unreal. Bless you guys for helping out-and then you went with that other brother too from Hawaii yeah? Ogos guy-that food looked amazing-I'm guessing the shelter folks must have been stoked.

    God Bless you two for what you're doing..

    I will definitely try the Osaka flight too

  11. pkaaihue:

    Aloha Kehau-yes, pretty hot, but I know August is going to be even worse! (and H U M I D) 😉

    Mike T., mahalo brother-appreciate the comments and we hope to be back there in August/September again.

  12. Keneth Louk:

    Aloha Good site, great blog.. Hawaiian Airlines Osaka flight rocks! Their Haneda leg is awesome-roomy and cool, JAL is so HOT!!! more comfort and more class

  13. M:

    Congrats to Hawaiian Airlines!