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`Ukulele Picnic Japan-Ikimashoo!
August 3rd, 2011


The `ukulele boom continues strive through the islands and in Japan as it has for decades now... in fact, it's started to carry out to Korea as well. Proof positive is the Korean band 'Ukulele Picnic'

Japan's annual `Ukulele Picnic celebrates it's 12th year on August 6th and 7th in Yokohama. The event draws 20,000+ attendees annually. This year, estimates are over 30,000!

Screen shot 2011-08-03 at 9.03.21 AM

As for lineup, the band and I, Kalei Gamiao (Mr. Mach 4, uke wizard), Chris Kamaka (uber famous from Kamaka `Ukulele, Ho`okena and Hema Pa`a) Konishiki (sumo, music and all around Japan celeb) will be representing the 808!

Click here for the website for the Japan Picnic and Hawaii Picnic in Feb. 2012!

In addition, there will be a special concert at Motion Blue Yokohama, and `ukulele workshops held at Tokyo Poepoe shop and Nagoya Poepoe store too.


This year, for the folks in Japan (日本人だけ)can enter to win a ticket from Japan to Hawaii courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines! Here's how!

ウクレレピクニック TWITTER!
.『I love the ukulele @ HawaiianAirlines please take me to Hawaii #HAUkulele” と書いて、その写真をツイートする。


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and.. join the Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii Mailing list and be eligible to win a Koaloha `Ukulele 'Uke Picnic' `ukulele by joining here!

そしてハワイアン航空のニュースレターにサインアップして、コアロハのウクレレがあたるチャンスに是非トライしてください!ウクレレピクニック・イン・ハワイの開催される 2012年2月まで、毎月コアロハのウクレレを1本プレゼントしています!

Mahalo all and all the best!! マハロときをつけて!ヨコハマあいましょう!

6 Responses to “`Ukulele Picnic Japan-Ikimashoo!”

  1. Roz:

    WOW! awesome-wish I could go.. my family and I went to the one here in Feb.-you guys rocked!!! I will tell my friends in Japan and family to enter! :)

  2. Motoco:


  3. Jimmy_Kimmy:

    DOH! great contest! Love my koaloha tenor.. could always use another uke.. hmmm..

  4. KamenRider69:


  5. Mike T:

    Done and done! entered both and my fingers are crossed! PALI-SAN, you and the bandmates here already? how are you guys dealing with the humidity-it's terrible huh. much hotter vs. Aloha Yokohama stage (which was awesome)!

  6. Motoco:

    パリさん!SEE ALL OF YOU ON SUNDAY!!!!! ハワイいきたい!HAWAIIAN AIR TWITTERした、とコアロハの。。。