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What the??? cool Japan products... (Part 1)
February 29th, 2012

Aloha all (アロハみんなさん!)

Aside from some great tv commercials (not to mention very funny ones), sometimes there are some great (and more often than not, what the?!?!) ads. On a train ride over, these were some of the great what the?!?! ads I came across.

Innovation indeed!


1. The mouth muscle tightener. Lips and mouth tightening. Not much can be said about this.. other than.. o-k.


2. Like to sing karaoke but am afraid of anyone hearing you? Here's the solution! Private karaoke!


3. Portable stone foot therapy. For those that have gone to onsen before with the stone/rock walk paths, these are designed to knead (painfully) your feet. Now, you can bring the pain wherever you go!


4. This one makes LOTSA sense for those not accustom to sitting on your legs, tatami style. For most (ok, some) of us, sitting like this for long periods of time (for me, about 10 seconds), will equate to numbness and pins-n-needles in your feet etc.


5. A swear word catcher! unleash your audible attacks and verbal vulgarity into this little bad boy and then find your happy place afterward.

Kiwotsukete and more to come!

4 Responses to “What the??? cool Japan products... (Part 1)”

  1. Aggie:

    that mouth exercise one looks interesting LOL

  2. Motoco:

    I saw this too on train magazine!!

  3. Jack and Michi:

    Mahalo pali-san

    so odd ne? but funny

    i need the karaoke one-or at least my wife thinks I do

  4. Elisa:


    I know a few people that need the swear word catcher, like my hubby