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Hawaiian Airlines Fukuoka TweetUp at Shirokiya
April 5th, 2012

April 16th will mark the inaugural flight of Hawaiian Airlines to Fukuoka! (ramen here we come!)


...Attended the TweetUp event at Shirokiya Yataimura celebrating the Hawaiian Airlines flight! Lotsa fun, prizes, tweets and pics! Had the shrimp garlic gyoza (which was AWESOME, but boooy that garlic is pretty strong). Media, bloggers, PR folks, and fans of Hawaiian Air were in attendance. Shout out to Asiana, Melissa and Mona-great event!


Known for the incredible ramen, yatai (out door food stalls), Fukuoka Tower, Hakata Station, Matsuri
(festivals), culture and then some..

Fukuoka rocks! Been there before to perform with the band and had the opportunity to stay
there for a few days-loved every minute of it.


Also, while at Shirokiya, popped by the KZOO studio!


Haneda, Osaka and now Fukuoka! Congrats to Hawaiian Airlines and see ya'll at the gate!

3 Responses to “Hawaiian Airlines Fukuoka TweetUp at Shirokiya”

  1. M:

    Howzit Pali!
    Next stop, Fukuoka!

  2. Pali:


    LOL-can't wait to eat that ramen! :)

  3. Elisa:

    ate at shirokiya's new dining area-it is good

    love the pics