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JapanMania Bento: Oni-Con 2013, Oishii ramen etc...
October 19th, 2013

Aloha all and ひさしぶり! (been a while!)

Hope you're all doing well-good to be back and lotsa new stuff coming up soon and in the works.

First up, Oni-Con Hawaii makes its debut Nov. 1st at the Hawaii Convention Center.

For fans of anime, Japan's Pop Culture, J-Rock/J-Pop, cosplay, maid cafes and then some, Oni-Con is the place to be.  The Oni-Con is going on 10+ years in Texas and this will be the Con's first time in Hawaii. Guests include: Nobou Uematsu/Earthbound Papas, Hiroki Takahashi & Sana, J. Michael Tatum, Atelier Pierrot/Ashizawa Yuko and super group EMKE.

Director Aaron Yamasato and I will be doing a Hawaii/Japan Filming Workshop (aka Blood of the Samurai, Ninja EX, Doko Ga TV: JapanMania 2.0)-please come down and talk story!

Check out the Oni-Con Hawaii website for more information and tickets.

OCH banner_sm

New Oishii Ramen: Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

It's right next door to Don Quijote Kaheka Street.  Kept hearing about how good their ramen is and had to see for myself. With locations across Japan, Asia, Canada and the US, it's easy to see why Santouka is the real deal.

Having eaten ramen in Hokkaido, Tokyo, Kyoto and Fukuoka-I'm always looking on the look out for good ramen especially here in Hawaii.  I ordered the char siu miso ramen and the toriniku (chicken) side order.

Verdict: AWESOME! the broth is OISHII!  Thumbs up on the noodles (consistency is just right) and char siu was tender and perfectly seasoned. The super standout, the toriniku. With negi (green onion), was totally blown away.

2013-10-17 11.33.212013-10-17 11.34.45

2013-10-17 11.45.23Toriniku

Here's the website.. do check Santouka out. If you're going at lunch or dinner time, prepare to wait in line, it's that good.

Finally, check out the new Doko Ga TV: JapanMania website.. been filming over a year and working on the new DGTV 2.0 episodes-coming soon! www.dokoga.tv

Have a great week and all the best!


2 Responses to “JapanMania Bento: Oni-Con 2013, Oishii ramen etc...”

  1. Gary:

    Hi Pali

    Yeah, I went to Ramen Santoku too! You're right, it's great...like you, I had the char siu ramen. Also had the gyoza.

    BTW, another Hokkaido style ramen placed opened last week on Kona Street, across from the Ala Moana Center bus stop. The guys there told me they're from Sapporo. Got to try it soon.

  2. pkaaihue:

    Hi Gary,

    I keep going to Santouka!!! that torniku is so great!!! I will definitely check out Kai (I think that's the name). Lemme know how you like it!